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Many people in the West do not know what the word "Intifada" means. 

Palestinian child Currently, the Palestinian people are being oppressed by Israel. This manifests itself in many ways; from the use of bullets and missiles against demonstrators; to the continued building of settlements with no respect for Palestinian rights; from the removal of Palestinians from their homes; to the continuos disregard for numerous United Nations resolutions.

Intifada is simply the defense of the Palestinian people against this oppression.

On this web site, we are asking for your help in the Intifada. We especially would like those of you from the West to help us. And there is action you can take that will help us...please click here for more details.

Intifada: arabic word stands for shaking off or shivering because of fear or illness. It also means abrupt and sudden waking up from sleep or unconcerned status. Politically; The word came to symbolise the Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation. The word also stands for the weakness of the Palestinian people and their suffering under the Israeli occupation. 

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